Experience unmatched tank repairs for lasting durability

We understand that issues like leaks, bent shafts, and motor-related challenges can significantly hamper your vessel's performance. Failing to address these issues promptly not only puts a strain on your budget but may also have broader consequences. Our commitment is to mitigate these concerns efficiently, safeguarding your investment while ensuring a positive impact on the environment. 

True Blue Welding and Fabrication, LLC., takes pride in our unmatched repair solutions where we help you get rid of all such issues. For several years, we have worked on tanks of all types, and it is safe to say we have done it all.  

  • Repairing leaks  

  • Replacing bent mixer shafts  

  • Resolving fitting issues 

  • Replacing valves  

  • Repairing motors  

  • Adapting baffles  

  • Stainless Steel Welding 

  • Repairing Propellers/Impellers 

  • And more