Find Clarity Here: Your F.A.Q. Journey Begins

Our business provides custom fabrication services of stainless steel tanks and processing equipment for various manufacturing industries.  Please see our Home page for more information. 
We specialize in the fabrication of stainless steel products. The stainless steel grade that we work with the most is 304/L and 316/L  for its corrosion resistance. As for material thickness, those are referred to as gauge. We work we gauges ranging from 7gauge to 16 gauge as well as plates ranging from 1/4" to 3/8" thick. 
We buy materials from the Chicagoland area and vicinity to support local businesses as much as possible. When material is not available at the local level, we may buy from neighboring states in the US. 
While most of our fabricated work is done at our shop, we also do projects like repairs and installations outside the shop that require our service at the manufacturing companies when the project may be too large or can't be brought into our shop for repair.
*** Please note that an additional charge may be added for emergency calls. 
Due to the customized nature of all of our products, we request a minimum 50% non-returnable deposit to be paid prior to begin fabrication. The materials that we purchase will be specific to each job, and we can't return them after they have been purchased. 
Please click the button "Contact Us" throughout our website and fill out our short form with the best description of your fabrication needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
We would first consult with you to reach a better understanding of your company's needs. It would be then that we may come up with ideas and/or suggestions on the best and most affordable way to proceed with the job without sacrificing the quality of our product. However, the final decision is at your, the customers', discretion.
It depends on the complexity of the item or items being fabricated or repaired. On larger projects, the lead time would also depend on how soon we receive your security deposit, drawing approval, current workshop load and material arrival after PO is received.