Miscellaneous Parts Replacements 

Extended use can diminish the optimal performance of stainless steel vessels over time. In such cases, it becomes important to replace worn-out parts that are no longer working efficiently. And it is not just about supplying –we also install these parts and components in your vessels, and we also offer unrivaled continuous support. 

Our goal is to prevent smaller problems from escalating into costly issues and ensure that your tank fully delivers its intended function day after day. 

  • Gaskets 

  • Scraper blades 

  • Quick clamps 

  • End Caps 

  • Spray balls 

  • Elbows 

  • Sight glasses 

  • Valves 

  • Hoses 

  • Pressure gauges 

  • Sensors 

  • Bolt assemblies 

  • Sanitary hinge pins 

  • And more 


Passivation Services for Corrosion Prevention  

At True Blue Welding, we offer passivation services to give your tanks the extraordinary resistance they deserve. Though stainless steel tanks are inherently resistant to corrosion, the passive oxide layer responsible for blocking the corrosive substances gets weaker over time, leading to degradation in the material. 

Passivation is the process where a mild oxidant is applied on the steel surface to create a solid shield against impurities and enhance the corrosion resistance of the material. It minimizes the risk of product contamination by removing impurities from the tank’s surface, ensuring the stainless steel remains sanitary and suitable for various applications. 

Our company strives to contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, we use citric acid instead of nitric acid in the passivation process. It is easy to handle, does not produce toxic fumes and operates with lower concentrations – all the while consistently delivering exceptional effectiveness. 

It is highly advised that you regularly repeat these maintenance processes for your stainless steel tanks as it enhances their durability by safeguarding against various factors that may contribute to deterioration, ultimately protecting your investment over time." Similarly, you should also adopt effective measures to prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of your tank. True-Blue Welding and Fabrication, LLC., can help.