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True-Blue Welding and Fabrication, LLC. is America's leading fabricator of stainless-steel tanks and processing equipment. For years, it has been supplying the country's most prominent manufacturers of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, beauty and chemical products with a variety of high-quality vessels. True-Blue Welding is your end-to-end partner for stainless steel vessel fabrication, while providing all the associating components such as pumps, control panels, mixers, valves and more to ensure a seamless and successful process.

True-Blue Welding is where raw material turns into more than you can ever imagine. By working directly with True Blue, as your fabricator, businesses can save on equipment costs, achieve increased efficiency in production times and receive the best customized results. With seasoned welders, experienced designers, and the latest fabrication technology, True-Blue Welding can turn your dream into a reality. Our staff has decades of industry experience and knowledge from working with hundreds of clients, enjoying unparalleled expertise in stainless steel fabrication.